The Association of Independent Producers (Singapore), or AIPRO, is an accredited professional body representing the interests of all organisations from Singapore’s independent media production industry.

Among our members are a wide variety of companies – some young brimming with fresh talent, others that are more mature producing volumes and finally those which are continuously raising the profile of the Singapore productions by garnering both local and international awards and enjoying broadcast and distribution across the world. From the best factual networks like BBC & Discovery Channel, to general entertainment ones like HBO & Star, to kids’ networks like Nickelodeon & Turner, content produced by AIPRO members, across genres have consistently screened to audiences not just in Singapore but to more than a 100 countries around the world.

The hallmark of the association’s members stems from their unique ability to harness local and regional stories and infuse them with strong universal appeal and resonance. Beyond Singapore’s national broadcaster, Asian content developed by our members continue to expand the global footprint of Made-by-Singapore productions.


  • Establish guidelines and best practices for the industry
  • Encourage and promote excellence in all aspects of media production through professional standards and codes of conduct
  • Provide a platform for members to network and keep pace with trends and developments in the industry
  • Work with government bodies, broadcasters, platform operators and others to promote Singapore as an international media production hub

Recognising the advent of more diverse media platforms in recent times, AIPRO extends its representation beyond just broadcast & film production companies, to include interactive & digital media producers as well. As the representative body of the local independent production industry, the Association’s mandate includes providing a platform for its members and industry stakeholders to network and explore co-production opportunities; organising overseas trade missions to showcase Singapore’s content development capabilities; promoting industry best practices and manpower skills upgradation; and maintaining the all-important bridge between media institutions and industry requirements. AIPRO works closely with the polytechnics and schools, to organize Industries Induction seminars to prepare students to have a better understanding of how the media industry and the career opportunities it offers.

Additionally, by embedding elements of desired public values into local productions targeted at Singaporeans, the local independent media production industry also serves as a significant driver in fostering a stronger and more enduring Singaporean identity and social fabric through public television programmes supported by the IMDA.

In this all-wired era, the production, consumption, and understanding of media and content creation are all important. Evolving from TV into online and other forms of visual programming and content – AIPRO is well placed to lead its represented industry into the next wave of growth and make a mark in the fast evolving knowledge-based economy.