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Kwang Wei

Managing Director

One of the founders of Threesixzero, Han Kwang Wei has more than twenty years of TV and Film production experiences. He started as a Current Affairs Producers with Singapore Broadcasting Corporation back in the early 1990s. Han shot to fame with his critically acclaimed documentary “Tales of Darkness: Teenage Prostitutes” which won the Best Documentary Award in 1997. His story on prison in-mates “Behind Bars” won the Best Feature in 1998. Han was also the runner-up in Best Direction at the 2001 Asia TV Technical and Creative Awards for his documentary “Hungry Ghosts of the Chinese World”, a documentary commissioned by National Geographic Channel. His other documentary “Hanging by the Threads” was a Finalist at the prestigious 2001 New York TV Festival. It also won the Best Editing award at the 2001 Asia TV Technical and Creative Award. Ng’s poignant portrayal of the under privileged also won her a Finalist award at the same festival.