From 1 April 2018, media companies are required to abide by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower's Tripartite Standards in order to recieve any funds from the IMDA, including for APSB funded projects. These Tripartite Standards are a new tripartite initiative which helps organisations with good practices distinguish themselves. They complement Singapore's laws, Tripartite Guidelines and Advisories to increase the adoption of fair and progressive workplaces practices in Singapore. More information about these standards can be found here. Becoming an AIPRO member requires companies to sign up for these Tripartite Standards.

Membership in AIPRO leads to business contacts and business opportunities (eg. network commissioners, international co-production partners, network of freelancers), saves time (eg. standardised contracts, templates, networking sessions) and saves money (ie. Insurance, better trade and payment terms). Below are some of the benefits at a glance.


  • Exclusive access to Members Resources section of the AIPRO wesite that offers contract templates, production services discounts, industry contacts, freelancer database and a whole host of other useful information.
  • Members are automatically covered under our Insurer’s Freelancer list for Group Personal Accident (including Medical Expense Reimbursement)
  • The AIPRO website hosts exclusive individual Member Profile pages that includes their profile information and portfolio.
  • The updated members list is shared with the IMDA, Mediacorp and other commissioning broadcasters on a quarterly basis. Never miss another call for proposal from them.
  • Members are paid an additional $250 for every trailer produced for Mediacorp.
  • All members are added to exclusive chat groups where producers can quickly communicate and share developments with one another.
  • Members recieve exclusive invitations and participation offers from trade events, workshops and festivals from around the world.

In addition to the above AIPRO is constantly adding new relationships with institutions in Singapore and around the world to further enrich the membership experience and the list of benefits. Join AIPRO today.