AIPRO October Webinar Series – Right Pitch to the Right Audience

Oct 6, 2020 | Events, News & Updates

Dear Member,

AIPRO has organised a series of webinars to take place this month:

Date & Day : 14 October 2020, Wednesday
Time : 11.00am
Venue : Virtual Meeting via online application Zoom

First time pitching online on a virtual platform? Pitching now on virtual only to find you cannot see your panelists faces as their cameras are turned off? Keeping people’s attention on Zoom is different from a face to face meeting.

Whether you are a seasoned producer or a beginner pitching your ideas for the first time, discover quick tips and pro techniques in this webinar and a short course on how to engage and make an impactful presentation for online and onstage pitching.

About the speaker:

Georgina is a well known radio and television personality from her time with Mediacorp. She is also recognised across South East Asia, India and the Middle East as a presenter on Channel V and ESPN Star Sports. She has interviewed A-listers such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Harrison Ford, J-Lo, and Beyonce.

Her senior roles as Vice President of Singapore’s #1 English radio stations and Head of The Celebrity Agency focused on promoting and growing Mediacorp’s radio platforms and A-list celebrities. That honed her leadership skills, business acumen, and her intuitive flair for transforming people into stars.

With a proven track record of coaching top talents to sharpen their competitive edge Georgina has found a new purpose in empowering entrepreneurs. She coaches and mentors them with a personalised strategy of techniques to amplify their confidence and presence for public speaking and pitching.

Passionate about motivating people to project the best of themselves, she advises business owners on elevating their brand, and presenting online for videos and live webinars. She believes in the connection of the mind, body and soul to achieving success. She loves learning new stuff, dark chocolate, hot yoga and talking to her herb and
vegetable garden before eating them.

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